About us

KINO OKO Production is an emerging film company based in Skopje, Macedonia. Previously closely related to Partysans Productions, it was founded by Robert Naskov, a producer, in 2003 as an independent production company specialized in film and television production, documentaries, commercials, public events and campaigns.

KINO OKO Production is a full service production and distribution company representing programming for both the domestic and international marketplace. In addition to its production capabilities, KINO OKO Production can handle all the details of your production - from scripting through final edit. Talent selection, location searches, postproduction, cultural consultants, foreign language translations, overdubbing, and original music compositions are among the services it readily provides at a moment's notice. The company has gained the trust of the public institutions in Macedonia for its high professionalism and continues to work in close collaboration with a number of ministries and governmental departments in the Republic of Macedonia, providing full production service for campaigns, public relations, commercials and other forms of media production. KINO OKO Production has also cooperated with production companies in the region and acquired its well-established reputation. Thanks to such versatile profile, the company is in a position to act both as a service-production company and a co-financier for European co-productions.

With a firm commitment to premium quality films and an excellent understanding of the film marketplace, KINO OKO Production commits itself to making innovative and distinctive international film and television programmes.